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Discover my image galleries.

Welcome to my portfolio of landscape photographs, where the lights of Scotland, France, Italy and elsewhere mingle in a ballet of captivating atmospheres and colors. Immerse yourself in a visual journey through lands where nature plays with the elements to create magical and fleeting moments. From the mystical mist of forests to the sun-drenched lavender fields of Provence, each image captures the very essence of light in its most ephemeral form. Beneath the golden beauty of dusk, coastal cliffs come to life, while rivers meander through valleys in a play of shimmering reflections. May these photographs transport you to distant horizons and remind you of the magic hidden in every moment. We all have a mission in life. For me, it's about capturing images of places where human presence is almost imperceptible. Our duty is to preserve the wonderful landscapes and biodiversity that the planet offers us, and to allow future generations to benefit from them. All these photographs are available at sale in limited edition in my online store.


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